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What Land Owners Need To Know About Eminent Domain

The right to private property is a founding principle of our country. But it is not an absolute right. It may seem hard to believe, but private property can be taken by the government for public use through the power of eminent domain.

If the government invokes eminent domain over your property, it must offer you fair compensation. While you cannot usually stop the process altogether, you can contest the initial compensation offer (which is almost always lower than what the land is worth) with the help of an experienced attorney. In north central Tennessee, the firm to call is The Holt Law Firm.

North Central Tennessee Seeing An Increase In Eminent Domain Cases

In recent decades, the Nashville area and surrounding counties have been growing at a very fast rate. To support population increases, the government must invest in infrastructure and new construction projects. New roads and buildings usually require the acquisition of new land, which often means invoking eminent domain.

Has the government contacted you about your private property? If so, the compensation offered is probably far less than what the land is worth. When you contact my firm, I’ll work with appraisers and other professionals to accurately value the property. Then, I will help you petition for more appropriate compensation. If we are unable to reach a negotiated agreement, I am ready to take your case to trial in order to ensure that you are paid fairly.

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The Holt Law Firm is based in Springfield and serves clients throughout north central Tennessee. If you have a pending eminent domain action and want to know more about your rights and compensation options, contact our office at 615-647-9444 or send us an email.